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Edible crickets - crickets 60 g

Edible crickets - crickets 60 g

100 Grams

100 g = € 24.13

Freeze-dried crickets 60 g

The edible crickets are specially bred for human consumption. The breeding facilities are large and spacious so that the animals have enough space to develop. Our crickets are grown exclusively in the EU.


Crickets (Acheta domesticus) for human consumption (100%)

Nutritional values:

(per 100g)

Energy 2069kJ


Carbohydrates: 2.3g

-of which sugar 0.01g

Protein 60.0g

Fats 26.1g

- of which total FS 11.7g

Salt 0.78g

Dietary fiber 5.5g


May contain gluten ! If you are allergic to molluscs, crustaceans or house dust, there is also the possibility of a food-insect allergy!


Store in a dry, cool and closed place. Heat before consumption, for example in the oven for 15 minutes at 120 ° or in a pan! The freeze-dried crickets are bred exclusively for human consumption.

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