Gesunder älterer Mann

Wussten Sie eigentlich ...

dass nur wenige Gramm Insektenmehl Ihren Proteinshake mit natürlichen hochdosierten Proteinen anreichert?

Knäckebrot mit Insektenmehl Insec2Eat

Crispbread with insect flour 200 g

100 Grams

100 g = € 1.62

Multigrain crispbread with buffalo worm flour


When malt meets insect flour and it also tastes good, then it is our crispbread with insect flour. One of the oldest bakeries in Berlin produces our crispbread according to a traditional recipe and old craft. The perfect crunch, the malty-nutty taste and the proteins from the insect flour make this bread a healthy daily companion.

Wheat flour, whole rye flakes, whole wheat meal, sunflower seeds, wheat gluten, whole spelled meal, flax seeds, malt flour (wheat, barley), buffalo worm flour (Alphitobius diaperinus) for human nutrition 5.6%, roasted rye malt, stabilizer (guar gum, sodium phosphate) , Buttermilk powder, dextrose, sugar, emulsifier (mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), acidulants (citric acid), flour treatment agents (ascorbic acid), enzymes, yeast, water, grain sprinkles (sunflower seeds, sesame, flaxseed), 10%
Nutritional values:
(in 100g crispbread)
Energy 1631kJ
Carbohydrates: 68.1g
- of which sugar 3.9g
Protein 13.2g
Fats 4.5g
-of which total FS 1.1g
Table salt 1.1g
Dietary fiber 10.4g
Contains gluten, lactose, sesame ! If you are allergic to molluscs, crustaceans or house dust, there is also the possibility of a food-insect allergy!
Store in a cool and dry place. The ground, freeze-dried buffalo worms come from breeding farms in the EU and are bred exclusively for human consumption.

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